Return To The Scene

A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience.
Jack Mezirow

I’ve always worn many hats in a quarter of my century of life,  cashier, Security, cook, busboy, manager and personal trainer but wearing these things may have prepared me for better and I stress may because my many titles among the minds of Optimist would probably be interpreted as you’re meant for something bigger but to realist like myself I mentally return to the scene to see immaturity, character flaws, carelessness and overall bad decision-making translating that my mini job titles means I’m hardheaded stubborn and maybe a slow learner. But in the mist of it all i wouldn’t have saw these things in me had I not returned to the scene in my mind, in turn making me realize that I got I still got a lot of growing up to do and it’s a continuous battle. I find myself calling up exes to apologize, because I want get rid of these bad habits as human being. Or atleast atone for my wrongs one because my fear of karma, two because I’m passing that fucked energy to another individual and they may not deserve the shit I put into another persons spirit. Also as you see and learn, you can put it into action the things that you’ve learned from the past, so you won’t repeat it, building self-awareness because Sometimes we don’t see our faults, we see the world around us responding to our faults which could distort our vision and make us think that the world is against us when it’s really not in most cases it’s just how we respond to certain things or how we reply To certain people and situations. is about learning, growing, and you do that by remembering to always return to the scene in your head a-k-a recall events because you may discover something about yourself that is probably shitty or something that you need to work on.