Three Reasons Why Atheism Isn’t The Wave In 2018

As I woke up from not enough sleep, a young g unlocks his phone to unread text messages, instagram alerts and news stories via my news app. This one headline (      grabbed me, it was about a former atheist Lee Strobe and his coming out tweet denouncing his former atheists’ beliefs. I thought it was cool that his years of trying to figure things out brought him to  some conclusion but the tweet date came off a little corny and strategically planned, December 24th a day before Christmas, ok. Nonetheless homie’s story low-key connected with me, being a person on a constant pursuit of knowledge and spiritual insight. Which has led me to my non-denominational / spiritual stance, spiritual because I meditate but overall i believe even if you don’t want to rep with any religions, you got to give it up to something more than science. Which is why  I also believe in the partnership of mental and spiritual balance, each one acknowledging and catering to the other.


So I’m reading the story on lee and I see the official tweet, which did numbers like a drake tweet in regards to engagement but also had many replies of disdain and I was like, “who’s atheist in 2018 and why? Like at least be agnostic (undecided because lack of concrete evidence). But for the people that are atheists or considering it, I got three reasons why it’s not a good look:

1. Science don’t have all the answers sway! For example why do we dream, is reality real, explain the beginning of life, the drive behind religious tyranny in old age, the question “what happens when we die?” and how the hell did Flavor Flav get a network to pay him to layup with multiple women and smash, the world may never know.

2. Being a atheists can come off cold, brutal, animalistic due to self-defining morality and at times leaving them looking like nihilist( believer of extreme form of skepticism; belief in nothingness) bringing more strength to the stereotypical view: no belief in God, no morals. Which is also known as no antiquated dogma (meaning like doctrine, teachings, philosophy) so no hakuna-matata fam. And may stunt growth of relationships, if family and friends have a relationship with higher power, especially if they’re person of color from the Bible belt (the south) that’s right, no one will eat your potato salad at the family gatherings.

3. What are you living for? Religious people believe their lives have a higher purpose and meaning, thus giving them an incentive to get up beyond themselves. Atheist that haven’t found a motivation beyond themselves can host a hopeless view, like where the fuck is Tony Robbins?!

Those are pretty solid reasons why people shouldn’t make the transition to atheist, with no final conclusions on certain questions in science and grim outlook, from the outside looking in it looks like hot bed for negativity. In conclusion I recommend studying multiple teachings and seeing which one best suits your way of life.