Three Things To Consider Before Signing Up For A Gym Membership

I use to be a gym rat, in the gym playing basketball for hours out of the day, but as an adult trying to beat the clock of the birth of the new world order (you know, no more paper money, machines taking all the jobs and the extinction of chocolate.). I couldn’t do that anymore, I had to start diversifying my day properly. That being said, here’s three things to consider before signing up with a gym fam:

1. Expense?

You go in smiling, people at the counter have an associate give you a tour, everything is everything, trainers on hand, blah-blah-blah and then they hit you with the initiation fee like damn! Which may be anywhere from $60-$500 depending on your location and where you decide to go. I know you’ve heard of haggling for no initiation fee, good luck and may the force be with you. Places like the equinox will have you escorted out. That monthly payment  ain’t no joke either, it tallies up and can be very wasteful if your not going regularly. Then there’s gear, gas if you have to drive (side note: I recommend walking if the weather is cool and your  3 miles or less away from the facility), stuff that may catch your eye like junk food and whatever other bullshit you don’t need, all come into play.


2. How committed are you?

You can’t go to the gym two times a week and expect results. Fitness experts recommend 30 minutes a day of physical activity, you can hit the gym 4x times a week and brisk 30 minute walks during those 3 rest days in-between. Do you have time for the gym? 40 hours of a job, depending what it is may leave exhausted and wanting solitude. So plan a schedule that you know you can do no matter what, mark it on your calendar, gym time no interruptions(build that discipline fam) and get the most out of your days. Make sure you stay on top of your gym schedule, because the facilities won’t ask, “why you haven’t been there”. Plan a workout regimen with a professional or if you are knowledgeable enough to make a regimen that progressively builds you to your body goal and has a diet that compliments the gym goals, then your good. If you can’t compose a program that combines working out and strict diet, you could end up working out to be the same.

3. What are training for?



Like what does you daily life encompass, because you don’t need an Olympic training regimen to put shirts on a hanger. Create a regimen that compliments your lifestyle and body goals, for example a low carb diet, lots of cardio and light weight lifting would be ideal for an actor. Know why you’re at the gym, what you need to do, do it and get out. Don’t be crowding up the gym on some I’ll try this type-ish. I can’t stress enough talk to a trainer its free, most don’t even charge for consultation.

Conclusion, know the answers to these questions, set a time, go in focused and don’t go past the goals you set. I suggest figuring out how to maintain the goal, once obtained. Bless your heart and your pockets by cancelling your membership after you reached your target weight and look is reached. Unless you feel you can’t maintain your body without it, then keep your blood sucking gym, but the main focuses of this entry is to remind you to have a plan for your body, think about your everyday life, is a gym convenient for you and don’t give yourself another bill without considering these factors.


New Year, No Fap?

I did a thirty day no fap challenge in October 2017, side note - I thought about just putting October but who knows when you’ll read this so yea staying present in the writing, check. I felt this being my first blog post of the year and ever I would talk about the no fap challenge , if you’re like “hold up von, what the fuck is a no fap challenge?” it’s basically no choking your chicken (also known as no masturbation) for 30 days.

My situation was low-key easy because I was in Atlanta at the time and I was focused on sight-seeing and meeting people. Like, I didn’t have time to watch porn, between hanging with friends, concerts, festivals, comedy shows and sleeping. And I also knew there was good chance of no sex being I’m not good at initiating one night stands and the thought of a road STD scares me.

I never thought I had a problem with masturbation and I still don’t. My only issues with jacking off in life were two things in my younger years timing and getting caught. For some reason I would always try to rub out a morning wood before school, then end up getting ready late and having to run for the bus. Or I would try to relax sometimes after school, pop in a DVD from the liquor store (which made you look like a thirsty creep with in the eyes of the foreign cashier) and potentially get caught by a family member. Like I got caught by my cousin, I slowed downon it for a minute because I was soembarrassed, I remember it like it was yesterday, going in on myself, it was dead silent in the house, I kept the volume low so I could hear any entry, this guy pops the door open, I stuff my junk back in my pants just in time, TV off, but it’s still evident because suave lotion on the bottom of my shirt, lotion on my hand and I just looked guilty. Eyes locked, me watching him analyzing the situation, all I could do was try to get my hands him, advise him to forget what he knew happened but he was too fast as he ran down the street screaming he was telling everybody.But hey every guy gets caught so it was nothing serious, but back to my point I participated in the challenge because I saw a YouTube vid with Jim Carey, one of favorite entertainers of all time talking about these awesome benefits which I didn’t see at all during the process.

If you’re curious to know what the benefits are:

• Better social confidence – I’m good in that department, no Kanye but I do alright.

• Energy – who doesn’t want more of that?

• Concentration – I usually come to my senses after a good nut (for those foreign to slang ejaculations resolve).

• Mental Acuity – now we talking, no Adderall.

• Sexual prowess – ok.

This when it gets outrageous, below.

• Emotional stability – how sway?

• Attractiveness to the opposite sex – duh fuck?

Yea, it got real naive and goofy.

I been jacking off a long time since the days of the videotape, I remember finding my uncles secret stash of black tapes with gold labels, I was 10 or 11 years of age and not one time as a straight male was I not attracted to the opposite sex. I remember my first major crush was because she favored this pornstar from this porno scene I watched repeatedly as a youth.

To conclude this post, masturbation is fine but just do it in moderation. Everything needs balance, you can’t keep pointing the finger, “its porn’s fault, it’s this, it’s that….”, if you’re not reaching your full potential it’s because of what’s happening in your mind, not in your pants. Its 2018 people,we got to be stronger because this is the year of becoming, so stop making excuses and be.